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Cheating Husband Punished by Latex Mistress

June 14, 2023

Last week I met with a new gentleman client for a Cheating Husband Punished by Latex Mistress role-play session.

He loves roleplay and punishment. Especially CBT, cock and ball torture. Likes receiving spankings, ass play and ball-busting from sensual Mistresses in latex.

More than happy to oblige!

I'm very much a switch and love being on either end of a good spanking.

After meeting at my discreet, private incall location in Marylebone and discussing his turn-ons, any limits, safe-words etc I sent him to the bathroom to shower and make sure his ass was clean.

When he came back out, clean and fresh with a douched asshole, just the way I like my ass slaves, we commenced the roleplay and activities we'd discussed.

In the scenario we'd come up with, his wife had found evidence in his phone that he'd been seeing escorts. So to teach him a lesson, she'd opened the contact details for his favourite regular provider and replaced her mobile number with the number of the worlds most sadistic Dominatrix. Me. She'd paid me in advance to impersonate an escort to lure her husband to a dungeon and then exact justice and retribution upon him for his philandering ways.

As the unsuspecting wayward spouse entered my lair, I assured him that his regular provider would be along shortly and that she wanted to find him bent over, naked, with his wrists and ankles cuffed to a spreader bar.

"Don't worry darling. It's just a little game. I'll be gentle with you." I lied.

He was very nervous about this unexpected eventuality but I can be extremely persuasive so I soon had him immobilised. The spreader bar makes it impossible to close one's legs.

Looking back between his own legs he realised the trap that had been sprung as I held my phone upside down at knee level for him to see the messages I'd been exchanging with his wife.

Amazing role-play. The cheating husband was very convincing in his apologies, begging for forgiveness and promises that he would mend his behaviour. But not convincing enough.

I pounded his ass mercilessly with my strap-on as I reminded him of his wedding vows.

I flogged his balls relentlessly as I impressed upon him the sanctity of marriage.

Then, I spanked his bottom until it glowed red while I delivered a sermon on the evils of infidelity.

Then for the grand finale I squeezed his scrotum so tightly in my latex gloved fist that I had his balls completely crushed in my vice-like grip.

I whispered in his ear, "if you ever so much as think about booking another escort, I will make you into a eunuch and keep you in a cage here in my dungeon forever. Understand?"

"Yes, Mistress" The cheating husband whimpered.

"Good. You may cum."

He thrust his tortured genitals against my fist, as I gripped his balls with all of my formidable strength until I felt his pathetic, cheating little dick spasm as he shot his load onto the floor between my towering heels.

Back to reality. I quickly released him from the cuffs and helped him to take a seat on the bed as his legs were like jelly. With my arm around his shoulders we had a chat about the session. He was thrilled with how everything went. Still a bit delicate and emotional but in my expert aftercare he was fine. When he was ready I sent him back to the bathroom to wash up and we chatted some more about his role-play ideas for future sessions while he dressed up and got ready to go.

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