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A Wee Spanking in Scotland

April 15, 2023

I went to Glasgow again recently to visit my gentleman friend who took MacKenzie and I to the theatre.

Last time I was in Glasgow was to meet a submissive sissy for feminisation and strap-on penetration.

This time it was my turn to take some punishment.

My Glaswegian gent looks like a big strong highlander. He has very large hands. And he likes to use his big hands to spank a pretty, soft bottom.

He came to see me at the apartment I'd rented for the occasion. We had a chat to catch up and discussed how we would play.

I'd been a naughty girl and needed some discipline.

My Scottish Master can be extremely authoritative and strict.

He put my collar on and made me his bitch.

Once he had me bent over his knee, he had me right where he wanted me to teach me a lesson I wouldn't forget.

He gave my ass a proper thrashing with a flogger, a paddle and then a spanking with his hand.

Spanking by hand is my favourite.

The flogger is just a warm up for me.

I do like the sound of the paddle too.

But the impact, noise and stinging pain of a really hard over the knee spanking by hand is what I love the most.

When he decided I'd had enough, he let me get up and made me promise to be a good girl.

I promised but of course I was lying. Being bad is way more fun. And if I was good all the time, I wouldn't get spanked. Where's the fun in that?

I knew what was coming next. He was. Inside me.

On my way to the bed I checked my ass in the mirror and was very happy to see some huge red hand prints. Souvenirs from Scotland to take back to London.

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