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Elust 161

May 16, 2023

Image courtesy of Vicky Vette.

Welcome to Elust 161

A stellar new edition of Elust and that Vicky Vette image is stunning!

Product Reviews

Funzze Remote Control Dual Stim Vibe

TOY TEST – PinkPunch PEACHU Clit Sucker

B-Vibe Trio Rechargeable Butt Plug Review

Harrow Bulb Depth Trainer From John Thomas Toys Review

I love my John Thomas toys but I have multiple quite similar dildos and stretchers of theirs so I'm now advertising a few for sale. One great thing about sterilisable silicone, no worries about buying and selling used toys.

Erotic Fiction

Red Rose - first chapter of MIRROR SECRET MIRROR


Matthew meets Jamie

Behind the Lens: A Tale of Intimacy and Artistry

Nothing inspires my imagination for new exciting ideas for sessions like the talented erotica authors I find in Elust.

Erotic Non Fiction

Cock Sucking - An Oral Fixation

Seems like we share a hobby.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Why Lifestyle D/s?

In a Pinch

Male Chastity: Everything You Need to Know

If you can imagine it, someone out there is into it.

Sex Work

Gangbang Fantasy

A Duo with Ruth and Her Habibi

Why do we Need a Search Engine for Independent Sex Worker Websites?

Sandra and I both have our sites in Sex Worker Search results. If you're a sex worker, I highly recommend emailing them to get your site indexed by this awesome new search engine.

State of the World

Is It Time to Reevaluate Our Spending on Pleasure and Entertainment?

I used to have a sex toy drawer. Then it became a sex toy suitcase. Now it's an entire cupboard. The way it's going, I'll need a spare room for my ever expanding collection.

Books and Movies

Recent Reading

Reading material for non monogamists.

Writing about Writing

Adventures in Writing: Learning Lessons from Three Regrets of my Writing Life

I've learned a lot about writing from Mischa.


Miami Girl

So many beautiful girls in Miami. But one thing Miami isn't famous for. Small bottoms.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Sexy things that are really NOT that sexy!

I can do without the sploshing and the shower sex but I love baths. Alone or with company.

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