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Latex Fantasy Session with Poppers Gas Mask

February 12, 2024

Cover image created by Midjourney AI.

I received a special request recently. A client asked me to dress as a latex doll in full catsuit with a hood.

He described the type of hood he wanted. Latex with a cut out mouth that would enhance the poutiness of my lips.

I have just the thing!

He also wanted me in a latex corset to complete the narrow waist, pouty lips sex doll look.

His final request was for a gas mask for himself to wear in order to maximise the effect of poppers.

His ideal session was for me to ride my fucking machine while he watched and enjoyed his poppers via the gas mask and then he'd join in for DP.

All fine with me. Except I didn't have the type of gas mask he wanted. So we arranged for him to bank transfer me the cost of the mask and I'd order it in time for his session.

I spent the next few days checking in often with the tracking details. Following the postage of my new gas mask as it winged it's way to me like a decapitated luchadore.

At last the mask arrived. Just in time.

The session was for two hours so when the gasman arrived we took our time getting acquainted. Enjoyed a very handsy assisted attiring of me in latex. Then once we were both ready and raring to go, I zipped his gas mask closed and my catsuit crotch open and let the show begin.

Once the F Machine had pneumatically drilled the first of many orgasms out of me, I passed the gasman the remote and let him control the speed. His two favourite speeds were teasingly slow and runaway freight locomotive fast.

Lots of tooting on his poppers.

Then the DP.

I hope this was the first of many sessions we'll have together.

He has a few more ideas in mind for me involving a dildo gag, arm binders and a neck corset. All items I don't currently own. But would be more than happy to order them. Or we can go to facility X together where they have all of the above available for use.

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Jeff johnson
Jeff johnson
4 months ago

Could you please elaborate,... 🙂
How does poppers work with a gas mask?

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