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Elust 174

June 17, 2024

Elust 174 has so much amazing content inside and a delicious cover image courtesy of the legendary Catalina Cruz. Subscribe to Catalina's Onlyfans for naughty selfies, kinky photos and exclusive video clips.

Erotic Non Fiction

Voyageur Maggie and Paul

Kristina J Kink and Fetish

Beyond Non Binary The Last Supper: a final night of “manhood” before sex reassignment surgery

A threesome, some BDSM and an upcoming sex reassignment surgery.

Erotic Fiction

barefoot sub Little Caged Dick Invites Consequences

FYHO Her Boys

Jasmine Gold A Submissive's First Threesome

Jerusalem Mortimer Bedroom Eyes 36: The End

Chastity and three threesomes.

Product Reviews

Morgan Destera TOY TEST - Funzze Steel Double-Ended Dildo

Liz X Likes Small but Mighty: Exploring the Delights of the Primo Wand Vibrator by Screaming O

Sex Toy DB Nothosaur “Hunter Jack” Horse Dildo with Tube Review

Sydney Screams Creative Conceptions Unihorn Review and Comparison

Difficult to choose a favourite but I'd have to go for that horse cock.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Spices of Lust 18 Ideas For Breaking Bedroom Routine

Disorderly House BDSM Aftercare

Informative posts from kink experts.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Musings of a Switch Porn Relationships

Betty's Toy Box 5 Best Sex Positions for Mind Blowing G-Spot Orgasms

What's your favourite genre of porn and favourite position?

Books and Movies

LA Jayne Pride Month 2024 Queer Movie Recommendations (Part I)

Some great recommendations there. I also checked some of them on Rotten Tomatoes and watched trailers on youtube. There's a few I'd like to see.

Sex Work

Oz Bigdownunder Fly Me To La Lune. A Cuckolding Duo With Maxine Lune

A cuckold's dream date.

Sex Worker Search Tech Stacks. Which Escort Directory Uses What Technology?

I'm getting more site visitors every month from Sex Worker Search. I love the concept of self promoting via my own website rather than directories and clients finding my site on a privacy oriented search engine like SWS rather than entrusting my identity with dodgy directories and just hoping they don't get hacked or raided.

Hellga A Bonny Lassie and Her Wee Sporran in Glasgow

That's me.

Sandra Kinky Adventures in Hong Kong

Have some Siu Mai. HK street food is the best.

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