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Elust 167. The Best of the Sex Blogosphere.

November 19, 2023

Image courtesy of Pod1213.

Elust 167 presenting the smartest and hottest sex bloggers featured under one roof for the month of October.

Sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice, kinky discussions, and more.

Product Reviews

Beating Expectations With A Panty Vibrator

The barefoot sub gets wet at the swimming pool! I tested out something similar with Oz back in April. good fun. Recommended!

Review of the Joi Thrust by Honeyplaybox

Liz X reviews a toy with lots of exciting looking features.

The Hottest Vibe of the Year! See the Snail Curve in Action

Carolyn Eagle with a review for Betty's Toy Box. I'd love to try this one. Looks perfect for G spot orgasms.

Review: Magic Wand Micro

Aww it's cute! The smallest in the range of magic wands.

Midnight Menagerie Teufl

I'm not sure what kind of monster a Teufl is but it sure does have a shiny, opalescent cock.

The Best Fucking Machine to Buy in 2023

Sex Toy DB compares 9 different sex machines.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

The Joy of Sex for Menopausal Women: How to Reignite the Flame

Buzzvibes with a guide for menopausal women and their partners who are looking to rekindle intimacy.

Home for the Polydays

Ready for Polyamory on how to approach the holiday season when you're in a polyamorous relationship.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Maintenance Spanking: Why and How To Add It To Your Relationship

Silkenclaws with a lot of excellent advice for those in a 24/7 dynamic such as lifestyle femdom, D/s, and TPE (total power exchange).

Erotic Fiction

Red Panties and Purple Passions

If you're into cuckolding and forced-bi, you're going to love this erotica written by Ramone Quides.

Bedroom Eyes 30

The ongoing saga of Stephanie, Maires and their master continues.

Books and Movies

Queer, Kinky, Poly Dracula And Its (Mis)Readings

Dracula can suck me anyday.

Walk All Over Me (2007): The Celluloid Dungeon

This looks trashy. In a good way. I'd watch it.

Sex Work

Come to Dubai Habibi

Watch out UAE, here comes Oz.

Locktober Special

Lady Phoenix holds her slaves in chastity for October.

Kink: Prostate massage

Mina Fontana probes.

On Promises

Louisa Knight will hold you to it. I guess. Not sure. Her site seems to be down.

Facility X Dungeon

Sandra visits one of London's best hourly rental dungeons.


Sex Worker Search is already sending a lot of clicks to my website and this is just the beginning. Conventional search engines wish we'd disappear and escort directories are universally rubbish. SWS is the future of our industry.

The F-Machine Gigolo Fucking Machine

My blog post for October.

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