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Elust 159

March 15, 2023

Image courtesy of Ivy Maddox.

Thanks to Oz and Elust for including my post in Elust 159. Another amazing edition. Here's my re-post including all the links and my own comments.

Erotic Fiction

Bedroom Eyes 20

The latest instalment of kinky threesome action from Jaime Mortimer.

Mr. Welsh and the Bathtub

A little menage a moi with Asrai Devin.

The Master Plan – Part 11

Heist caper sexiness by Jessica Seaques for Mirror Secret Mirror.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships


Three courses of foreplay with William for Musings of a Switch.

Never bored with a board game

Fun and games with the barefoot sub for A Leap of Faith.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Collars And Cuffs: Japanese Vs American Bondage Equipment

Liz X reviews Liebe Seele's products.

The Ultimate Guide to Diaper Kinks, ABDL, and Infantilism

Tiger Lily writes for Sex Toy DB.


Lockedupl's write up on husband and wife strap-on fun.

Ask Emma: Can Cuckolding Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Emma describes the benefits of taking your cuckoldry to the next level for Evolving your Man.

How to Get the Most Out Strap-On Sex: 7 Tips

More pegging via On Her Back.

Sex Work

Podopheleus Triple-Formed Review

Oz Bigdownunder reviews a book about one man's journey into Femdom.

Secretary Role-Play

My post about a RP session with my client.

My Dungeon Valentine

Lady Phoenix visits Torture Garden with Bella and Miss Kendra.

Erotic Body Slide Massage

Sandra is slippery when wet.

Can an Escort Really Be Authentic?

Tulsi Tamora feels the realness.

Writing about writing

Adventures in Writing: Dear Teenage Me…

Mischa Elliot's letter from current Meesh to teen Meesh.

Erotic Non Fiction

My Girlie Bits

Pieces of Jade talks vagina piercings.

Orgasmic party tricks

Denying Thumper talks about a post on another chastity blog also included in Elust by Lockedupl.

Books and Movies

You Get to Define Your Sexuality on Your Terms

Sapora Knight reviews Good Luck to You, Leo Grande.

Product Reviews

Liberator Esse Luxury Sex Lounger

Miss Ruby reviews some sex furniture.

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