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Elust 155

November 16, 2022

Image courtesy of Miss Harriet. Photography by Santillo.

Welcome to Elust 155

Congratulations to Barefoot Sub and Witch of the Wands for winning the monthly Elust 155 Contest for October!

Elust is the only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month.

Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions, it’ll be here at Elust.

Erotic Fiction

Going to the Ball

Lucy Ashwood beautifully conveys how tactile shibari can be.

Bedroom Eyes 14

Jerusalem Mortimer's hero and heroines are up to some spanking good fun.

Sizzling Nibbles: Devilry and Debauchery

Mischa Elliot's demon knows how to have a good time.


Sinclair Sexsmith takes us on a journey with the exhibitionist's best friend. The webcam.

Quickies: I Jerked Off To My Mom's Best Friend Masturbating

Niles is living out every 18 year old boy's wet dream.

All the Mistress Money – Part 4

Dawn will do exactly as Mistress Stilenskova tells her if she knows what's good for her!


Exxxotica Wrap-Up Part One

Morgan Destera attends a convention for adult content creators.

Product Reviews

Review of Je Joue Mimi Clitoral and External Vibrator - Lilac

Liz X recommends.

The Slubb

Witch of the Wands presents The Slubb. A sex toy that looks more like an industrial strength power tool.

Stardust by Kreature Adult Toys

A Unicorn cock reviewed by the Submissive Feminist.

Erotic Non Fiction

His Bitch

Bitch, Please!

Tinsel In The Letterbox

Sir finds his way to Barefoot Sub's door guided by tinsel.

Writing about Writing

Moon Feather Has Been Published!

Congratulations Dancer in Chains!

Writing About the Smells and Sounds of Sex

I always love the flavour of Simone Francis' sex scenes.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Cock Cage THESE 3 Types of Kinky Submissives!

Yes please. If any of these sound like you, contact me to hold the key.

Learning to Handle My Hand Fetish

Find out what kinds of hands Violet Fawkes is into and why.

Bathroom Pass

LDR d/s with Lillith Avir.

Sadists Twister: The Party Game For Pain Sluts

Fun and games with Quenby.

Sex Work

Fetish Porn shoot at Blue Door Dungeon

Can't wait to see the video clips when they're live on the Pure Dommes Onlyfans.

Bonny Glasgow Sissy Feminisation

I Sissify my Wee Scot.

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