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Theatre and a Threesome. A Duo Date with Mackenzie Beckles

January 21, 2023

A gentleman recently invited Mackenzie Beckles and I to dinner, a show and back to his hotel.

Mackenzie is tall, slim, sensual and very beautiful.

At 5'11 she is the same height as me. Both of us in heels side by side make a big impression. Two statuesque stunners!

We met up with our gentleman friend at the agreed time and place and he took us to the Theatre to see The Book of Mormon.

I'd seen mixed reviews of the show. Some saying it was funny. Others saying it was crude and offensive.

I'm a fan of South Park, written by the same team who created Book of Mormon. I'm definitely not easily offended.

All three of us found the show hilarious and had a great time.

Our date would have been transfixed by the show but he did have a few distractions.

His hands wandered a bit but nothing too inappropriate. Not more inappropriate than what was happening on stage anyway.

Mackenzie and I spent the taxi ride back to his hotel whispering to our date, one of us in each ear, all the kinky, sexy things we would do to him and to each other once we arrived at his suite.

No empty promises. Back at his room I found out Mackenzie wasn't joking when she said she's genuinely bi. Same as me. We put on an X rated strap-on show for our date. No acting involved!

Contact me anytime if you'd like to arrange a duo with Mackenzie Beckles. I'd love to have more hot threesomes with her.

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