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A Duo with Ruth and Her Habibi

May 14, 2023

I had a duo this evening with Ruth and her client, an Arabic gentleman visiting London on business.

Ruth was looking for a tall, slim, blonde, kinky escort nearby in Marylebone who can switch and be submissive for a duo. She found my website using a new search engine called Sexworkersearch.

Our habibi is a regular client of Ruth's. He had asked her to find another escort fitting the description above for a kinky threesome girlfriend experience.

Ruth and I arranged for me to arrive at her place 10 minutes before her client was due to get there. She lives just 2 blocks from me so I walked there in my towering high stiletto Lesilla heels and a long, sexy, figure-hugging, black dress.

I usually wear flats to outcalls and change into heels when I arrive but since it was so nearby my heels got to stand vertical for a change. Usually they're horizontal or pointing at the ceiling from someone's bed.

When I arrived, I met Ruth for the first time and I knew we'd have great chemistry for the session. She's very sexy and genuinely kinky.

Ruth looked stunning in her PVC dress and Versace heels.

When our habibi joined us, we quickly debriefed to make sure we were all comfortable with activities habibi had planned. Ruth would play a dominant role, habibi would be mostly an obedient voyeur and I would be their slave and take a strap on and a spanking. Fine with me!

Ruth is very fit and athletic. She gave me a hard spanking and a relentless fucking with the strap on. Habibi was in ecstasy watching his Mistress sexually dominating her new slave girl.

When it was his turn to be used for Mistresses pleasure, habibi was rock hard and ready. Ruth rode his cock and he multi tasked, holding the dildo from the strap on harness and impaling me on it with the same rhythm as Ruth's enthusiastic bouncing.

Habibi was breathless from his exertions but managed to gasp out words to the effect that he was going to pull out and cum on my face.

A promise he didn't keep. I'll forgive him. Poor darling was a bit over-stimulated. But next time he owes me a facial and I plan to collect!

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1 year ago

Was lovely to meet you ❤️
what an incredibile explosive date we had !

xoxo Ruth

1 year ago

So pleased Sex Worker Search was able to connect you with a new duo partner! Thank you for the shout out.

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